Best Cordless Grinder

Best Cordless Grinder

Whether you are looking to buy your husband a gift to push them to get some things fixed around the house, or you are that husband embarking on a DIY project that is more than you bargained for, you might need some expert help when buying tools, especially power tools.

Grinders, angles and the like, are all different, some are better for other jobs, while having a good idea of what to consider when buying them can also help you make the right decision.

You want to find the right tool for the job but without wasting too much money or time.

That’s what we’re here for, we have provided our recommendations for the best cordless grinders so that you can get back to your project as soon as possible. So, keep reading to learn our top picks for different cordless grinders.

What Is A Cordless Angle Grinder?

A griner, or angle grinder, is a handheld power tool that can have multiple purposes. The main component worth noting is the rotating disc with which you can attach different discs to suit different jobs.

As a power tool they require some type of power  in order to run.

With safety in mind, these are cordless grinders which refer to the fact that they run on batteries rather than mains electricity.

An angle grinder can be used to sand down wood, metal and even masonry, and with the right attachment disc you can also use it to bore out wood, as well as cut through all the materials mentioned.

With this tool you can fulfill the function of a few different tools.

Buyer’s Guide

If you haven’t entered the world of power tools just yet, there are a few things you should consider when purchasing an angle grinder.

Battery Vs. Cord

All the grinders we have included are cordless grinders, but it’s worth talking about why.

An angle grinder is very dangerous, it rotates extremely fast and when discs are applied it is rotating a material that can cut through metal, that’s how fast it is spinning.

In addition to personal protective equipment we should consider the safety of others. 

If a child or dog is in your vicinity and they pull or trip on the cord by accident, they could send the grinder into any kind of dangerous position that could injure you as well as those around you.

However, cordless often cost more as you are having to pay for a powerful battery as well, and may have to replace it in the future. With this said, safety is priceless.

Cordless also provides a great maneuverability with your grinder too which is super helpful to get a job done quickly and efficiently and with accuracy but without having to worry too much about safety.

Diameter Of Disc

Different grinders from different brands will accept different sized discs which will allow for deeper cuts. This choice will depend quite heavily on what job you are undertaking.

Larger discs may be more suited to masonry, with smaller discs for more accurate uts you may make on metal.


Wattage can often be a big talking point on power tools. It is generally believed that higher wattage leads to more power, any electrician will tell you this. 

However, this can actually be better suited for certain jobs.

If you are only planning on using it for wood, a high wattage isn’t necessary, but if you are trying to cut through steel or a particularly hard rock, then it can be recommended to find a high wattage.

Moreover, many people suggest if you want the power tool to last for a really long time then a higher wattage is recommended to keep efficiency over a longer period.


Some angle grinders will have speed options for different discs and materials, while others will remain a single speed. This will undoubtedly affect the price of the grinder but does allow for more delicate work should you require it for your job.


Some grinders will have a feature known as a ‘brushless motor’, without getting into the mechanics, this simply means that your motor has less parts to wear out so can be a desirable feature if longevity is something you want.

Motors are worth considering in any case as they are often the component that wears the most.

Safety Features

Beyond being cordless, many grinders will offer other safety features that are worth considering for yours and others well being.

Some grinders will feature a slow start feature that sees the wheel pick up speed rather than immediately going the speed it normally does, which could lead to some dangerous moments.

Anti-kickback features are also great for safety, they ensure if the grinder wheel gets caught or is meeting a lot of resistance, it stops in order to avoid you getting jolted or the grinder lurching and becoming unstable.

Dead switch is also a really ideal feature for a grinder, it is a safety mechanism that ensures the grinder is held by two hands, and can tell when you don’t have two hands on it.

It stops when one hand leaves the grinder making it really safe, but also a little expensive.

Restart protection is another really useful safety feature, it means that if you have made your grinder have overheated or cut out for another reason it will require a cool down period before you can turn it back on.

Additional Items

As you will often have to separately purchase the different discs you need for sanding wood, or cutting metal, etc, some grinders will include some discs or other gestures such as a side handle or lock nut with your purchase. 

This is often quite useful while sometimes it can be a ploy to cover up the product not being great.


Warranty can be worth paying attention to, not necessarily as you plan on cashing it in, but more as it can be a good hint to the quality of the product and how quickly the makers expert it to break.

These potential flaws in the design could cost you a life so it is worth paying attention to.

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Makita XAG04Z 18V Lithium Ion Battery Powered Cordless Angle Grinder

This grinder from Makita is a really great and cordless grinder that can fulfill many different tasks.

The grinder is ideal for grinding, cutting or even sanding a wider range of material than you might expect such as tile, concrete, pipe, conduit and the regular wood, metal, and masonry.

There are a huge amount of good features exhibited on this grinder. Namely, the motor drives 8500 RPM which is quite impressive, a brushless motor ensures no hiccups down the line.

A rolling start is appreciated when using such high RPMs as well as spiral bevel gears for smooth rotation efficient energy transfer.

A comfortable grip as well as a side which enables more safety and comfort when using the grinder.

Most notably the grinder has an innovative feature that changes the speed and torque of the disc as you change angle, etc, for optimum performance and cutting accuracy.

One thing we weren’t overjoyed about is having to buy the battery and battery charger separately, as well as the fact it only takes Makita batteries. This grinder might set you back but remains potentially one of the best on the market.


  • Automatic speed change
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great safety features
  • Battery level shown on digital screen


  • Battery and battery charger sold separately 
  • Only takes Makita batteries

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WORCRAFT Cordless Angle Grinder 20V

If you are looking for a cordless angle grinder on a budget, and want something that is good value, look no further than this grinder from WORCRAFT.

While the product remains cheap for the market it can provide 20V of power which is impressive in the market. Additionally, this has 8500 RPM to drive a 4 ½ inch diameter blade.

The general design and engineering of the product is not reflected in the price as it remains fairly high quality.

One thing we loved was that you can adjust the handle into two different positions in order to cut or grind in the more awkward positions, keeping you and others safe.

A heat dissipation system and brushless motor are ideal for a longer life for your tool as well as general safety. Moreover, the high precision and durable bearings and gears help the grinder run quite smoothly.

In addition, there are plenty of additional goods included such as a battery, discs, wrench, charger, and tool case – this can save you even more money.


  • High Voltage
  • Lots of additional goods which boost value
  • Good design
  • Battery and charger included


  • Can take a while to charge
  • Only 2 year warranty
  • Lack of safety features

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Metabo 36V Angle Grinder

This angle grinder exhibits a 9” diameter wheel which is powered by a 36V system, which is quite high allowing a RPM of 6600 to be reached with efficiency.

This angle grinder is a good consideration for those who have to work long hours, or want it to work for a long period of time.

The product does take two 18V batteries rather than one large 36V battery, this can be good if you have lots of these types of batteries to use, but they aren’t included with the product.

Yet, the batteries will last up to 5 hours of continuous power and thanks to the air cooling system you don’t have to worry about overheating.

There are some more safety features on top of the cooling system such as an instant brake that will stop the blade dead when needed, rather than whirring down slowly which can be dangerous.

Many love the large wheel for more robust uses of the angle grinder, which matches the battery life adequately for longer sessions.


  • 9” wheel
  • Long battery life
  • Instant brake
  • Air cooling


  • Heavier than most
  • Best used for heavy duty tasks

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CRAFTSMAN CMCG400B V20 Cordless Angle Grinder

For a robust but affordable choice, this could be the tool worth considering. With a 4 ½ inch wheel, and an RPM of 8500 this could be an ideal tool for the smaller and more pinnicky cutting and grinding jobs.

Additionally, for those hard to reach cuts, the angle grinder exhibits a handle which has three different positions allowing those harder cuts to become more ergonomic and practical as well as safe.

Other safety features include a cooling system to prevent overheating as well as allowing for longer periods of work, plus a molded grip for added ergonomics. Moreover, a guard over the blade keeps your hand safe even if they slipped.

With this said, this angle grinder is perhaps best reserved for home use. Those who use it on a construction site may dislike the short battery life.

Moreover, the tool does not actually come with batteries or a charger itself which does it make it cheaper as a one time purchase.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable handle
  • Safety Features


  • Batteries not included
  • Batteries run out quickly

No products found.

WORKSITE Cordless Angle Grinder

This is an all in one product which includes the relevant discs, batteries, battery charger, wrench and more in the product, while still remaining affordable.

This angle grinder is generally designed for the worksite, as the name may suggest, while it is cordless it does have a very fast charger allowing for a full battery in 1- 2 hours.

Moreover, the battery has a discharge feature making it super safe, especially in the worksite. Agreeably, the product does come with a charger.

Ideally, a 4 pole motor provides super efficiency and delivers double the power than a brushed 2 pole motor, which is ideal for the 

Moreover, the 9000 RPM is ideal in the worksite and cna cut through more robust materials. A side handle is the ideal feature to handle this amount of power, it remains safe with anti slip covers and also allows for more accuracy


  • 4 pole motor
  • Super fast charging battery
  • Additional products included
  • Very powerful


  • Not suited for home projects
  • Only 2 year warranty

Final Thoughts

As you can see, even when restricting your search to just cordless angle grinders, you can see that there is still a wide variety of choice in price, features, and additional inclusions. 

We really recommend prioritizing safety. If you have to pay a little extra to get a reliable angle grinder you know will work well, won’t break, and includes loads of safety features to keep you and others safe, then it may be worth the extra pennies.

Yet, with this said, there is definitely a lot to gain from having an angle grinder. Beyond their safety requirements they can potentially replace a good few tools in your garage with this simple tool.

This is another reason paying a little extra for a quality tool can be good as you are reducing the tools in your tool box with one quality tool that can hopefully last for a long period of time.

We hope this guide has recommended some products that you find useful and hopefully you can return to your project prepared with the correct tools to get the job done the right way, while still staying safe and not out of pocket.

Let us know which tool was your favorite, and what you have made with the help of your own angle grinder!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can An Angle Grinder Cut Anything?

A grinder can’t cut literally anything but for most purposes an angle grinder should be able to go through most materials in mundane households.

Consider the physics, if a spinning thin circular disc is being spun at 9000 RPM and is powered by a 19V battery, then you better expect it to be really powerful.

With this in mind, yeah, the right angle grinder could potentially cut through metal, wood, plastic, masonry, tiles, pipes, even concrete. 

But literally ‘anything’ isn’t really true.

What Can You Use An Angle Grinder For?

An angle grinder isn’t just for cutting, as you can swap out the discs there are many uses.

One of these is obviously grinding things such as metal down, you can get rid of rust pretty easily with these grinders.

On softer materials you can get more specific attachments such as a boring disc which can help you hollow out wood, ideal for luthiery, making guitars.

Is An Angle Grinder Dangerous?

Yes, most power tools are very dangerous. An angle grinder is specifically dangerous as your are holding a metal disc that is spinning at 9000 RPM potentially.

Most injuries are caused by accidents such as pulled wires or slipping, losing control. However, some injuries are also caused by the wheel flying off, this can be extremely dangerous, so buying a quality grinder will also ensure safety.

There are around 5000 injuries from an angle grinder per year on a worksite, although they usually occur where the health and safety standards are low on site.

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