Can Angler Grinders Cut Brick?

can angle grinders cut brick

An angle grinder is a perfect tool to have when you need to cut the thickest materials on the planet. Metal, stone, slabs of pavement, and brick cannot resist the force of an angle grinder.

An angle grinder can cut brick granted you use a good quality disc with the right dimensions. When cutting brick with an angle grinder, be sure to make straight and clean cuts to the brick to ensure adequate precision. A diamond blade is the best for cutting brick.

In this article, I will explore what you can expect with the cutting process for brick as well as some general information about what materials angle grinders can and cannot cut.

Before we begin, take a look at this brief video that shows the process of cutting brick with an angle grinder:

How Do You Cut Brick Angles?

Think about it, before angle grinders came into use, brick, and stone cutting was typically done with a hammer and cold chisel. The labor involved was intense and incredibly time-consuming.

Thankfully, an angle grinder makes the cutting process a virtual breeze. Brick cutting and cutting perfect angles requires a sharp and durable blade, let’s go through the steps it takes to cut perfect brick angles:


The first step you should take is to set up your work surface. Since using an angle grinder requires some precision when making the cuts, a sturdy and open work area is best.

Two sawhorses and a sturdy sheet of plywood are perfect. Always wear safety glasses and make sure your angle grinder is turned off and away from your hands when not in use.

Brick cutting is going to produce a large amount of debris in the air, therefore, in addition to your safety glasses, make sure you keep the safety guard on your angle grinder as not to become blinded by the debris. Make sure your work area is away from sensitive items such as automobiles or the interior of a home.

Next, make sure you choose the perfect blade for cutting. A diamond blade works best for bricks since this blade can make sharp and clean cuts without much momentum that needs to be applied to the grinder from you.

A good diamond blade to consider for brick is the disc available from AutoToolHome. This blade can cut pavers perfectly and applies just enough force to bricks to pierce cleanly through the material while also maintaining a clean and even cut that is perfect when cutting angles in brick.

Mark Your Cuts

Be sure to use a framing square and a pencil to accurately draw out and measure the shapes you wish to cut on the brick. When cutting angles, you will want to be as precise and accurate as possible so that you will have a firm diagram by which to move the angle grinder along with the brick.

This is also a crucial step to ensure that you do not waste material and make improper cuts. Never assume that an angle grinder will always follow your eye pattern–power tools are amazing devices, but nothing can truly be perfect without some sort of guiding diagram to stay accurate.

Prepare Your Angle Grinder and the Brick

Once your work station is set and you have your cuts drawn, you are ready to connect the angle grinder and bring it to your work station. Be sure you have a dust mask as well since brick and stone can severely agitate the lungs if inhaled.

Once plugged in, grip the grinder and begin cutting along the penciled-in lines. Make slow and steady cuts and be sure to have the blade positioned to blow the debris away from the cut line as this will keep the line in full view without becoming cloudy from the debris.

Make Your Cuts

The cutting process to cut pavers and precise angles in a thick material such as brick can be a little time-consuming depending on the density of the brick. A standard diamond cutting blade is typically 4 1/2 inches in diameter, therefore, this will work well for a standard brick of medium thickness.

To make angle cuts on brick, the main obstacle you will need to overcome is the density of the brick; if the brick is incredibly thick, you may not be able to make the cut in one cross–which can be problematic when working with angle. The best method for thicker brick is to make the cut and use a hammer to ensure that the break cuts into the dimensions that you need.

You can then make more precise cuts with a cleaner edge if the brick is smaller than what you started out with. If the brick is thicker than what the angle grinder can handle in one cross, you can always turn the brick over and make the same marks until the cut is made–this will prevent any shattering of the brick outside of the angle cuts that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can an Angle Grinder Not Cut?

Home improvement projects, no matter how big or small should never be without angle grinders in the arsenal of the worker. These powerful tools can cut through virtually anything.

With that said, the answer to what an angle grinder can and cannot cut through all comes down to what blade you are using when you cut into the material. A diamond angle grinder disc can essentially cut through any material found on the surface of the planet.

That may sound outlandish – but it’s true. This blade is so powerful in its ability to cut through material that even if it cannot completely cut through a powerful structure, it can at least make enough abrasions to seriously damage and warp the material.

Can I Use a Miter Saw to Cut Brick?

A miter saw can certainly be used to cut brick, granted you are using the right kind of cutting blade to make the cuts. There are some things to keep in mind when using a miter saw to cut brick.

The miter saw would need to be considerably large to exhibit the needed RPMs to adequately slice through brick. The GCM12SD by Bosch is a good example of a miter saw that could make the required cuts with the appropriate cutting blade.

The key to using a miter saw lies with the type of blade you choose. Diamond blades are always going to be the best bet when it comes to cutting through brick, this is the same if you are using a miter saw or an angle grinder.

Due to the accuracy of the cuts when it comes to brick, you are better off using a handheld angle grinder, however, a miter saw like the GCM12SD with a diamond disc can do the job.


Angle grinders are probably the best tool you can acquire when it comes to cutting through bricks and making precise cuts, such as angles. Always make sure you follow the proper preparation procedures to ensure that the process is as smooth and accurate as possible and that you are safe during the process.

Angle grinders can slice through virtually anything, which is why cutting bricks is best-suited for these incredibly versatile tools.


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