Cut Off Tool Vs Angle Grinder: Which Is Right For You?

Cut Off Tool Vs Angle Grinder: Which Is Right For You?

Due to some of their similarities, it is actually quite a common occurrence that angle grinders and cut off tools will get compared to each other. These are both very useful in DIY and because of some key similarities they are often conflated with each other.

People often want to know what each tool is best at and what abilities are exclusive to each, so they can know which they will be able to get the most use out of.

For a quick answer; angle grinders are much more versatile, while cut off tools, as their name suggests, are best at cutting. However, if you are looking for a tool specifically for cutting, the cut off tool will have the accuracy which you often need for jobs like this.

However, if you are looking for a tool which can do more than just cut, the best option will be an angle grinder.

However, there is more to the debate and identifying what is best about each tool than this, and these further differences will be explored throughout this article.

So if you have any more questions about whether an angle grinder or a cut off tool will be a better tool for your situation, keep reading to find out what you need to know!

What Is A Cut Off Tool?

What Is A Cut Off Tool?

The best thing to do to work out if a cut off tool or an angle grinder is best for you is to work out exactly what each of these tools are. 

Firstly, a cut off tool is a power tool which cuts with a focus on precision as well as power which can not be achieved using a weaker tool.

You can buy both a corded as well as cordless cut off tools and both of these come with their own pros and cons, and the tool can usually be used with just one hand.

A cut off tool has its cutting blade which is angled at 90 degrees to its drill shaft, this makes the operation of the tool as smooth as possible to ensure as much precision as possible.

This tool also makes cutting in awkward positions or difficult to access places significantly easier than it would be without.

Cut off tools can also be utilized on a wide variety of materials including; wood, metal, plastic, and a whole variety of other things.

What Is An Angle Grinder?

Similarly to a cut off tool, an angle grinder is also a power tool which can be used for cutting, and it is designed with a spinning disk attachment which can have a variety of different styles depending on what you are using it for. 

As well as cutting, an angle grinder can grind, as its name suggests, but can also be used for more specific purposes like polishing if you have the right attachment.

This is what makes an angle grinder a more multi-functional tool than a cut off tool. These tools are most commonly used for both cutting and grinding and because of the more multipurpose design, it needs both hands to be used comfortably.

Angle grinders are usually fitted with quite powerful motors and while they are not as precise as cut off tools tend to be, you can still get quite a high level of precision, as well as the necessary power and speed to get through a wide variety of materials as long as you have the correct attachments.

What Is The Main Difference Between A Cut Off Tool And An Angle Grinder?

As you can see in the previous two sections, there are a litany of similarities and differences between the cut off tool and an angle grinder, and both of these tools are essential for work in many different industries.

Both of them can be seen being used in factories and workshops and especially in metal work as these industries require power tools to work as efficiently as they do.

However, there are some foundational differences which separate these two tools if you want some key points to help you remember what differentiates the two:

  • As the name suggests, cut off tools are designed with just cutting in mind, while angle grinders are designed for much more versatile use with them being able to cut, grind, sharpen, polish, as well as many more different roles.
  • Cut off tools are usually designed, so they can be simply used with a single hand, while angle grinders will tend to require you are using both of your hands while operating, so you can get the best control.
  • Within a cut off tool, the horsepower of the motor will tend to be around 1hp, however an angle grinder uses a much higher power motor which can range anywhere between 3 and 7hp depending on the type you are buying.

These are the most important differences to consider when buying either a cut off tool and an angle grinder, and when you are assessing what you need to buy the tool for, these are the most significant factors which should be considered.

Can You Treat An Angle Grinder Like A Cut Off Tool?

As has been previously mentioned, a cut off tool’s only role is cutting, so while angle grinders can be good at cutting, generally speaking cut off tools will be significantly better at this role.

Theoretically, you can use your angle grinder to cut whatever you would with a cut off tool, but you will not have the same level of control and the situation might end up being more awkward.

You will also need to use both hands instead of the single hand use which is possible with a cut off tool.

If you know that the job you want to do requires mainly cutting, and you will need to work in a tighter space or more awkward scenarios, it is best to buy a cut off tool instead.

However, if you are cutting, but you know that you will need to prioritize the power of your tool over everything, an angle grinder may be preferable.

However, never use attachments from one device on the other, these devices have very specifically fitted attachments and if you try to interchange them you can end up damaging the motor, but you are also putting yourself in a situation where you could end up getting harmed.

Takeaway – How To Choose Between A Cut Off Tool And An Angle Grinder?

When choosing a power tool, especially between two which have such similar uses and common roles, you will need to consider more specific factors.

Make sure to consider if you prioritize something like the handling and how easy it is to use, or do you want the most multifunctional tool which has the widest range of applications.

Are you looking for a device which can be used in tight spaces easily, or are you looking for a device with the most power, so you can be sure you will be able to cut through anything? When choosing a power tool like this, carefully consider what you want as well as what you need!

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