How To Cut Rebar With Angle Grinder

How To Cut Rebar With Angle Grinder

Reinforcing bars, often shortened to rebar, are reinforced steel bars or a mesh made up of many small steel wires.

It is often used to reinforce other materials often placed inside stone or concrete with the aim of strengthening them and allowing them to withstand high amounts of pressure and tension.

Because of how vital it is in construction work it is therefore required for it to be cut in order to fit properly within any concrete or stones and an angle grinder is the best way to make sure rebar is cut as neatly as possible.

Cutting rebar with an angle grinder can take a bit of practice, however it’s not too difficult and can be picked up in no time, so to get you started here is the best and easiest way to cut rebar with an angle grinder.

Why Use An Angle Grinder To Cut Rebar?

Why Use An Angle Grinder To Cut Rebar

When it comes to cutting rebar, an angle grinder is one of the best tools which can make the job easier and requires far less effort and time than if you were cutting it manually with other constructive tools.

Not only does the design of an angle grinder reduce the strain on your arms, hands and back by a huge amount, the blade will also make cuts as neat and precise as possible which can be far harder to replicate with other tools.

The only real downside to using an angle grinder is the cutting process can generate a large number of hot sparks to fly out, however this issue is easily mitigated by wearing gloves and protective clothes just to avoid any unwanted burns.

With that in mind, here is a step by step guide on how you can get started cutting through rebar with an angled grinder. 

Step 1 – Choose The Right Disc

While most grinder angle blades will be able to sufficiently cut through rebar with ease, to make the job a lot cleaner and quicker, try using a disc designed to cut heavier metals and steels for the best results.

For how sturdy and reliable they are, diamond blades are a great choice for providing clean cuts in a shorter time if you are able to get your hands on one.

Step 2 – Secure The Rebar 

When you have your grinder at the ready and want to start cutting, start by using a clamp or vice grips to hold the rebar in place.

Step 3 – Mark Rebar

Next you will want to mark the rebar with some chalk so you know exactly where to cut. This is especially important to do when cutting rebar because uneven bars can fail to work properly when placed within stone or concrete and can even make it more frail if cut incorrectly.

Step 4 – Set Blade Speed

Before you start cutting, mark sure to set the blade to the maximum rpm speed that it can go to. This is in order for the grinder to be able to cut through the steel efficiently without it jamming or stopping due to the material being harder.

Step 5 – Start Cutting

Now you can start cutting, simply start by making straight cuts following the marked line. There is no need to put too much pressure on the grinder, simply guide it slowly towards the rebar and it will cut it off in little to no time.

Step 6 – Refine Cuts

Finally you will just want to smoothen out the remaining jagged edges using a grit accessory. This will make sure the rebar fits properly and can slide nicely into the material you are inserting it into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can An Angle Grinder Overheat When Cutting Rebar?

Angle grinders do have the common issue of overheating now and again due to excess heat building up in the machine from all the heavy cutting and this can happen with rebar.

You can easily tell when an angle grinder is overheating because it will start to make unusual noises and the handle will start getting a little warm. You can also tell by a distinct burning smell coming from the grinder that it’s overheating.

The best and easiest way to resolve this is unplug the grinder and let the blade spin for a few moments while it cools down.

If you notice the grinder is overheating extremely fast and it’s preventing you from cutting as you would like, it can be worth taking the grinder to an angle grinder repair shop which will be able to fix anything that has gone wrong in the motor.

Is An Angle Grinder The Best Tool For Cutting Rebar?

Compared to essentially all other construction tools used for cutting whether automatic or manual, the angled grinder is the best purely for how neatly it can cut through rebar in seemingly no time.

A hacksaw for example can certainly do the job, however because it is a manual tool it will take far longer and puts a lot more strain on the arms and body in general.

A dremel tool will work much the same, it will be able to cut through rebar and can do it quite efficiently, however because it is often more suited to light duty tasks it will take far longer than an angle grinder would. 

It largely depends on how many steel rebars you intend to cut, if there isn’t that many then you can definitely use a hacksaw or dremel tool to get the job done, however in bigger bulks it’s far more ideal to use an angled grinder to make the job quick and easy.


Angled grinders are by far the best tool for cutting through rebar making the process as fast and efficient as possible. Follow these above steps to get cutting in no time and become familiar with how to do it so you know how to cut steel such as rebar for the future.

Just make sure you have the right blade to cut with, along with necessary safety equipment to make sure you don’t catch any nasty burns or unwanted damage from the blade while cutting.

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