How to Remove Angle Grinder Disc Without Tool

how to remove an angle grinder disc without tool or wrench

Tools are incredible inventions but it goes without saying that tools can get lost constantly. So what happens when you don’t have the tool to remove a disc from an angle grinder? Can the disc still be removed?

An angle grinder disc can be removed without the tool by pressing in the spindle lock to lock the disc and turning the wheel in an anti-clockwise direction. This will free the disc from the nut which may require some force and momentum to pop the disc out.

There are a few different methods you can try when removing an angle grinder disc without the tool. To ensure you are removing the disc correctly with the tool, I will also go over the proper way to remove the disc. Read on to find out how this can be done to save you some frustration when tools go missing.

Before we begin, take a look at this video that offers a visual step-by-step overview of how to remove an angle grinder disc without a tool:

How Do You Remove the Disc From an Angle Grinder?

Angle grinder tools should always be handled with the utmost care and caution. Always make sure you completely disconnect the power from the power source or wall outlet. If you are using a battery-charged grinder, be sure to remove the battery when working with the blade.

Once you have disconnected the corded angle grinder from the power source, make sure you follow the following steps:

  • Remove the grinder disc with a pair of pliers. Your grind tool has a drive bolt (also known as a nut) that holds the grinder disc into place. With a pair of pliers, you will need to turn the nut to loosen the disc. Once the disc is loose, you will then need to hold the lock button on the top and then twist the nut and drive bolt until the disc is popped off of the wheel.
  • Remove the angle grinder disc by hand. When you don’t have the pin wrench or anything that can mimic the task of a pin wrench, you can remove the disc with your hands. Again, be sure to disconnect the power from the wall outlet. Hold the button to loosen the wheel and then twist the disc in the opposite direction and keep turning until the disc is off the wheel.

Those are the two main ways to remove an angle grinder disc without the tool. The easiest step is to simply use some momentum with your bare hands (be sure to wear gloves) as this will not require any special tools to complete.

Now that we have covered how you can remove a disc without the pin wrench, let’s also go over how to remove a disc with the proper tool and how to put a new disc on the angle grinder.

How Do You Unscrew a Grinder?

A pin wrench is the required tool that comes with an angle grinder and is used to remove a disc. This wrench resembles a pitchfork and has two knobs on the end that you insert into the drive bolt to loosen the nut holes that attach to the disc.

To use this wrench, you simply hold the grinder’s lock button down to free up the wheel and lock the wrench into one of the holes. Twist the wrench in the opposite direction and keep twisting until the disc is free from the wheel.

It is worth mentioning again that you need to make sure to disconnect the power source of the grinder or remove the battery from battery-powered grinders. Your hands are exposed directly to the blade when you change a disc.

There can be variations when it comes to the size of the angle grinder. Perhaps you bought a new angle grinder that didn’t come with a tool and the older wrench does not fit one of the holes on the grinder wheel.

You can still use the pin wrench to remove the disc since all grinders essentially have the same composition. The grinder nut can be removed with enough force and enough momentum that comes from turning and twisting the drive bolt and the nut.

It’s all about force and making sure you push the lock to loosen the wheel. Always turn whatever device you are using in the opposite direction and the drive bolt will loosen with enough momentum.

The same principle applies with a battery-powered angle grinder as is seen with a corded angle grinder. A cordless angle grinder can present some new safety precautions that you need to keep in mind.

For a cordless angle grinder, always remove the battery before you begin to handle the disc. This can be easy to forget since you are not dealing with an electric tool.

How Do You Replace a Disc?

Replacing the disc follows the same general pattern of removing a disc. Always remember to hold the lock button in place as the disc will not move if the button is not held down.

Take a new disc and simply place the disc onto the grinder. Replace the nut and turn the nut in the opposite direction to lock the disc onto the grinder.

Tighten the disc with the tool or a pair of pliers until the disc is firmly in place with no slack. The nut should not be the slightest bit loose; you don’t want to turn the angle grinder on and have a disc that flies across the room.

Can an Angle Grinder Be Used as a Cut Off Tool?

A cut-off tool is a great go-to option when you need to cut materials quickly and efficiently; however, an angle grinder can do the same if you use a cutting blade, in addition to providing sanding, polishing, and grinding that a cut-off tool cannot accomplish.

A cut-off tool is best-suited for use on smaller materials that typically do not exceed 3-4 inches in length. This is because the cut-off tool is perfect for making precise cuts in smaller measures.

An angle grinder disc can make bold and large cuts due to the strong release of energy and pressure but the angle grinder is not perfect for smaller materials or for making lots of detail in your cutting procedure. An angle grinder works better on new materials, such as sheet metal, because the cut will be clean and sharp, whereas a cut-off tool makes more rugged cuts.

For example, if you use an angle grinder to grind metal or stone, this is not possible with a cut-off tool since the precision is sharp and lacking in angles and smooth turns that come with using an angle grinder disc to make cuts.

If you need to make more details in your cutting, the bulky spinning motion of an angle grinder is not going to work so well and its use should be limited to large and open projects that need to be done quickly. A cut-off tool allows you to make a series of cuts in quick succession with the ability to modify various types of cuts.


There you have it, all the possible ways to remove a disc from an angle grinder without the use of the tool that comes with the grinder. Always remember to disconnect the grinder from its power supply to reduce the risk of potentially hazardous bodily injuries.

You can use your bare hands to remove a disc or you can modify the actions commonly performed by the grinder tool with a pair of pliers. Removing and replacing a disc isn’t hard as long as you know how to do so if you ever lose the tool.

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